Directions to Portsmouth, Virginia

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Directions to Portsmouth, Virginia

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From Norfolk: You can take either the Downtown or Midtown tunnel into Portsmouth. Downtown Tunnel: the first exit after the Tunnel (Crawford Street) brings you downtown. Follow Crawford Street to the Visitor Information Center in Olde Towne.

Midtown Tunnel: The first stoplight after the tunnel is High Street. Turn left, and follow to the water. Turn right on Crawford Street for the Visitor Information Center.

Or take the Elizabeth River passenger ferry from The Waterside to Olde Towne Portsmouth.

From Virginia Beach: Take I-264 West into the Downtown Tunnel to Portsmouth. The first exit after the tunnel (Exit 7) brings you downtown. Follow Crawford Street to the Visitor Information Center in Olde Towne.

From Williamsburg/Richmond: From I-64 eastbound, take the I-664 South exit and cross the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel. Take Exit 15 onto I-264 East. Take Exit 7B for Downtown Portsmouth and follow Crawford Street to the Visitor Information Center.

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